It has as many active lines as the combined population of US and Canada and consistently ranks among Latin America's top five companies.

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim's América Móvil is the company to beat in the region's telecoms arena and - despite old and recent run-ins with regulators across its vast market footprint - the telco is showing no signs of slowing down, announcing US$8bn in capital expenditures for 2018 (up from around US$7bn in 2017).

The company, in fact, is also expanding its footprint in the US to offer enterprise services despite the ongoing trade dispute between its  home market of Mexico and the US, while also launching its new 4.5G mobile network in several countries including Mexico, Brazil and Austria.

As of end-2Q18, América Móvil reported 362mn active revenue generating units, among them 279mn mobile subscribers and 83mn fixed-line and other (mostly satellite) accesses. The figure is 214,000 lines lower than at the end of 2Q17, mostly driven down by a 0.4% drop in mobile users, a sign that the region might be reaching telecoms saturation.

Its main regional rival is Spain's Telefónica, which operates 232mn accesses in the region.

The Mexican company was listed last year by regional economic publication América Economía as the fifth biggest company in Latin America, behind the region's three largest oil companies PetrobrasPDVSA and Pemex. The only non-oil company that surpassed it on the list was Brazilian meat-packing behemoth JBS.

América Móvil came in at 329th on Forbes' largest public companies ranking of 2018, with assets valued at US$78.7bn and a market value of US$57.8bn.

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