Peruvian state oil company Petroperú's 2016-20 strategic plan calls for the modernization of the NOC, execution of the Talara refinery modernization project (PMRT), optimization of commercial operations and fuel value chain logistics, vertical integration and maintaining international best practices to reduce social and environmental impact.

To advance on these fronts, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's government plan highlights the need for a "more aggressive" effort to strengthen Petroperú, which in 2019 will be 50 years old.

In September of 2016, a little after a month in office, Kuczynski submitted a bill to congress requesting special legislative powers in several areas, including the state company.

After lawmakers approved the bill and the legislation was published in October, Kuczynski signed a legislative decree in December that declared of public need and national interest the safe operation of the Norperuano oil pipeline (ONP) and called for the reorganization and improvement of Petroperú's corporate governance.

The decree authorized the company's board to carry out required investments to guarantee ONP's operation.

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