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  • Colombian ICT bill going to congress

    An ICT modernization bill is due to be presented to Colombia's congress in the coming days upon which will hinge ICT minister (Mintic) Sylvia Constaín's four-year, four-pronged plan to narrow the digital divide. The minister has...

  • Peru to probe awarding of 2.5GHz to Bitel

    Peru's transport and communications ministry (MTC) has launched a probe into whether a decision to allocate spectrum in the 2.5GHz band to operator Bitel was legal. The local subsidiary of Vietnamese state-owned telco Viettel was...

  • Telecom Argentina S.A.

    Telecom Argentina S.A. (Telecom) is an Argentine telco that owns licenses to provide fixed-line and mobile telephony, pay-TV, and Internet services for individual consumers and businesses. In the mobile telephony segment, the company...

  • Colombia's Duque promises new ICT law

    Colombia's President Iván Duque will present an ICT modernization law in the coming weeks to consolidate his plans to create a digital economy, rethink areas such as healthcare and fight corruption. Speaking at the Andicom ICT...

  • Korea Telecom interested in Chile investments

    Korea Telecom (KT) is interested in investing in Chile's submarine cable and 5G infrastructure. According to local daily Pulso, the Koreans are interested in becoming suppliers for the Fiber Óptica Austral (FOA) submarine and...