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  • Gtd Manquehue S.A.

    Chilean telecom operator GTD Manquehue, a subsidiary of the GTD Group, offers fixed line and pay TV services in and around capital Santiago through its fiber optic network. The company also controls Telsur, a telecom company that...

  • Synapsis SpA

    Synapsis SpA (Tivit Chile) is the Chilean subsidiary of Brazil's global integrated IT service provider Tivit Terceirização de Tecnologia e Serviços (Tivit). The company provides cloud solutions, IT services, and digital...

  • Comunicación y Telefonía Rural S.A.

    Comunicación y Telefonía Rural S.A. (CTR), a Chilean telecom company founded in 1996 in Temuco, serves clients in rural areas and operates a network of payphones throughout Chile. CTR supply commercial customers with telecommunication,...

  • Claro Comunicaciones S.A.

    Claro Chile, a subsidiary of Mexico's América Móvil since August 2005, is one of Chile's three mobile telephony operators. Claro Chile offers mobile telephony services through GSM, 3G and 4G LTE technology. The...

  • Entel Telefonía Local S.A.

    Entel Telefonía Local (EntelPhone), a subsidiary of Chile's Entel, is a provider of local telephony. Established in 1995, it focuses mainly on corporate customers and large companies. The purpose of the company is the...