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  • Sonda S.A.

    Sonda S.A. is a provider of services and solutions in Information Technology that offers equipment, servers, software, data processing and advice to the Bank, Government, Mining, Health, Transport and other industries of America....

  • Signature South Consulting

    Established in 2001, Signature South Consulting is a Chilean company providing services of digital signature, including electronic billing, and the solutions Signature PRO, Signature Business, Signature Express and Signature ioFacturo....

  • One year on, Dell EMC upbeat about merger

    A year after completing the biggest M&A deal in the history of the IT industry, and creating the world's largest IT company, tech giant Dell EMC says results have been positive, particularly in Chile. According to a global...

  • Roundup: EMC, Resource IT Solutions

    US storage solutions supplier EMC unveiled an end-to-end big data business suite it claims can be up and running in seven days. Called Federation Business Data Lake, the solution bundles storage and big data analytics technologies...

  • HP Chile CEO standing down after 14 years

    Edgar Witt will stand down in January as Chile country manager of HP after 14 years in the job. During his tenure the company grew to over 1,000 employees from 60 in 2001, opened 15 HP stores, and built one of the 10 "next...