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  • Signature South Consulting

    Established in 2001, Signature South Consulting is a Chilean company providing services of digital signature, including electronic billing, and the solutions Signature PRO, Signature Business, Signature Express and Signature ioFacturo....

  • Roundup: EMC, Resource IT Solutions

    US storage solutions supplier EMC unveiled an end-to-end big data business suite it claims can be up and running in seven days. Called Federation Business Data Lake, the solution bundles storage and big data analytics technologies...

  • Sonda S.A.

    Sonda S.A. is a provider of services and solutions in Information Technology that offers equipment, servers, software, data processing and advice to the Bank, Government, Mining, Health, Transport and other industries of America....

  • One year on, Dell EMC upbeat about merger

    A year after completing the biggest M&A deal in the history of the IT industry, and creating the world's largest IT company, tech giant Dell EMC says results have been positive, particularly in Chile. According to a global...