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  • Andes Mainstream SpA

    Chilean renewable company Andes Mainstream SpA, a JV between Irish company Mainstream Renewable Power Ltd. and Chilean firm Andes Energy S.A., is focused on developing its portfolio of wind and solar energy projects based in Chile,...

  • Punta Sierra wind farm

    The Punta Sierra wind farm will boast 36 turbines to harness the wind energy of Chile's north-central region IV and supply the central SIC grid. The project will employ a maximum of 400 workers during the construction stage...

  • PV Coya solar plant

    The project involves the construction and operation of a photovoltaic farm that will be divided into two sectors: Coya2-A and Coya 678, which will be 8km apart and connected via a transmission line. Output power will supply Chile&a...

  • Tablaruca Wind Project

    The Tablaruca project calls for the construction and operation of a wind project on Chiloé island in the south of the country. Tablaruca will connect the island to the SIC central grid on the mainland through a 25km 110kV transmission ...

  • Küref wind farm

    The project calls for the construction and operation of a wind farm, spread over 612.3Ha, that will inject the produced power to Chile's central SIC power grid. Construction will demand 150 workers monthly, while construction ...

  • Invener S.A.

    Invener is a Chilean company engaged in the development, construction, financing, management and operation of electric power generation and infrastructure projects. It is currently focused on tapping Chile's potential as a...