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  • AES Gener S.A.

    AES Gener S.A. is the largest thermal generator and second largest electricity generator in Chile. The firm owns and operates a diverse portfolio of power plants in the country, including facilities operating on coal, gas, diesel,...

  • Chile launches 4-year energy plan

    President Sebastián Piñera together with energy minister Susana Jiménez (both pictured) presented Friday Chile's Energy Roadmap, which will guide energy planning for the next four years. The plan emerged out of a public...

  • Pacífico thermo plant

    The project will power Chile's northern SING grid via thermo plant. The plant is expected to generate 1,401 jobs during the construction phase and then provide 140 jobs during the ensuing operational phase. Construction and...

  • Illapa thermo plant

    The Illapa thermo project calls for the construction of a natural gas-fired plant in Chile's northern region II. The project would use gas from the GNL Mejillones LNG terminal via a 12km pipeline and supply the northern SING...

  • Chile power watch

    Chile's environmental authority SMA has approved the plan submitted by AES Gener's Alto Maipo to comply with the environmental qualification resolution (RCA) for its hydroelectric project. The compliance plan includes the...

  • Engie to close Chile coal plants

    Engie will close its Chilean coal power plants and invest in renewable energy projects, local press reported. In February, the multinational decided to cancel the sale of its Chilean coal-powered thermoelectric plants, following an ...