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  • San Jorge wind farm

    The San Jorge wind farm will have 24 wind turbines. In addition, the park will generate more than 200 jobs in the construction phase. Then, in the stages of lower intensity, it is expected to employ 40-50 permanent employees during...

  • Añelo I wind farm

    The Añelo I wind farm will consist of Gamesa G114 turbines, with unit capacity of 2.0MW, on 85m towers. The facility will boast an average capacity factor of 40.9% and is expected to produce 358GWh/y. It will be connected to the 132kV ...

  • Formosa aqueduct

    The project involves the construction of an aqueduct in Formosa province. The pipeline will draw water from the Paraguay river and supply potable water to more than 200,000 people. In addition, it will allow for the irrigation of more ...

  • Gastre wind park

    The project entails the construction of a wind park that will be spread over 45,000ha and comprised of 675 wind turbines. The energy generated will be injected into the national grid (SADI). The construction of the park will create 2,1...

  • CN VII-A area

    CN VII-A is an onshore exploration area of 1,723km2 that has 2D seismic lines and is partially covered by a 100km2 3D seismic program in the northern zone, whose objective is unconventional reservoirs. The area includes the...

  • Road corridor E

    The project is part of the national road department's safe highways and roads program, which calls for forming public-private partnerships to widen, maintain and enhance the safety of roads in different areas of the country....