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  • Certisur S.A.

    CertiSur is an Argentinean firm aimed at personal and corporative electronic security, offering multiple digital security solutions (transactions, passwords, and authentication), secure site SSL certifications, professional services...

  • Calipso Software S.A.

    Calipso Software is an Argentine developer of software solutions operating since 1993. Calipso's software are mainly focused on ERP and CRM, including services of business intelligence, control boards, cloud solutions, back...

  • Grupo ASSA S.A.

    Grupo Assa is a consulting and outsourcing firm that helps its customers improve their business processes using IT across Latin America. It provides e-business solutions with high value-added content and back office support systems...

  • Unitec Blue S.A.

    Unitec Blue is an Argentinean technology firm engaged in the production of smart cards and technological solutions, including the manufacturing of SIM cards, bank cards with EMV technology (Europay, MasterCard and Visa), contactless...

  • Synapsis Argentina S.R.L.

    Synapsis Argentina S.R.L (Tivit Argentina) is a subsidiary of Chilean IT service provider Synapsis SpA (Tivit Chile), which is a part of Brazilian multinational Tivit Terceirização de Processos, Serviços e Tecnologia S.A. (Tivit)....

  • Brief: Brazil's Linx buys ShopBack

    Linx, Brazil's second largest commercial automation and corporate software group, acquired local company ShopBack for 39mn reais (US$12.3mn) in cash, with the possibility of an additional 17.6mn reais subject to the achievement of...