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  • Chadín II hydro project

    The Chadín II hydroelectric project involves the construction of a hydro plant in the Marañon river. The output will be injected into the SEIN grid in order to reach 3,800GW/y. The operation of the plant aims to optimize power...

  • North Lima cable car

    The project involves the construction and operation of a cable car system connecting the Naranjal BRT station with the San Carlos subway line. The cable car system will have five stations and involves complementary works and the...

  • Lima ringroad

    The project involves the design, construction and operation of a beltway around Peruvian capital Lima, which would reach Callao district in the west. The beltway would be starting at the intersection of Avenida Elmer Faucett and...

  • Molloco hydro plant

    The Molloco hydro plant will use water from the Molloco river by diverting it through a water channeling system to an underground power house. The project will involve the construction of two plants (Llatica, Soro) and three...

  • Pucallpa new port

    The objective of the project is to provide a modern and competitive port terminal that serves as a multimodal link to give continuity to the transport flow between the Callao-Pucallpa highway and the Ucayali waterway, allowing a...