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  • Sulpay thermo plant

    The project calls for the construction of a thermoelectric power plant at Peru LNG's Melchorita complex whose output will be injected into the national grid. Main fuel will come from gas field Camisea through a pipeline,...

  • Charcani VII hydro plant

    The project aims to increase the Peruvian electricity production to supply the increasing domestic and industrial demand, using the hydroelectric potential of the Chili river, in the Arequipa department. The initiative involves the...

  • Paltuture dam

    The Paltuture project arises from the need to provide water for agricultural irrigation in the Tambo valley in Arequipa department and create new areas of agricultural production in the department of Moquegua. The proposed dam will...

  • Tía María

    The Tía María project involves mining and processing copper oxide and sulfide ores, as well as conglomerate material and low-grade oxide ores. The project will be divided in two phases. During the first phase La Tapada will be mined...

  • Corani

    The Corani silver-lead-zinc project consists of three adjacent open pit deposits: Main Corani, Minas Corani, and Corani Este. The project area is underlain by Tertiary volcanic rocks of the Quenemari formation, specifically a thick...