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  • Ariana

    Ariana project is located in the rich Central Peruvian polymetalic belt and is 45km away from the Central highway, at a height of 4,500-5,000m above sea level. The first stage is formed basically by zinc and the second one by copper-zi...

  • Poderosa mine expansion

    The project involves the expansion of the production plants Marañón and Santa María I. Poderosa operates since 1982 as an underground gold mine and two production plants. Its high-grade narrow veins are mined combining conventional...

  • Tía María

    The Tía María project involves mining and processing copper oxide and sulfide ores, as well as conglomerate material and low-grade oxide ores. The project will be divided in two phases. During the first phase La Tapada will be mined...

  • Chonta dam

    The project calls for the construction of the Chonta Dam, which is intended to store water for the benefit of some 322,000 people. This project would improve the lives of local residents by providing potable water to a large number of ...