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  • Peru approves transport app law

    Peru's congress has approved legislation to formalize the use of ride sharing apps. Key measures include the creation of a national registry of such apps and a registry of their drivers who will have to meet similar conditions to...

  • ICT: The week in 10 stories

    ARGENTINA Latin America's telecoms industry associations criticized a court decision in Buenos Aires banning the ride-hailing app Uber country-wide for alleged breach of local transportation regulations. CHILE Telecoms group...

  • Synapsis Perú S.R.L

    Synapsis Perú S.R.L (Tivit Perú) is a subsidiary of Chilean IT service provider Synapsis SpA (Tivit Chile), which is a part of Brazilian multinational Tivit Terceirização de Processos, Serviços e Tecnologia S.A. (Tivit). Tivit Perú...