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  • RenovAndes H1 hydro plant

    The project calls for the construction of a hydro plant that will use water from the Huatziroki river and will have a net height of 293.7m with a 7.85m3/s flow rate. RenovAndes H1 will be connected to the national interconnected...

  • Cobra Perú S.A.

    Cobra Peru S.A. is the local unit of Spanish firm Cobra Gestión De Infraestructuras, S.A. and is involved in the engineering and construction business. The 90MW Tres Hermanas wind complex located in Ica region began operations by end- ...

  • Marcona Wind Farm

    The wind farm is planned for Marcona district in Peru's Ica region and would boast 16 wind turbines. The project also includes a substation and a 31km 220kV transmission line with 102 towers, one every 300m, to supply the...