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  • Autopista del Norte, S.A.C.

    Autopista del Norte S.A.C., a subsidiary of Spanish construction group OHL, is the concessionaire in charge of the construction, operation and maintenance of the Pativilca-Trujillo Highway Nº4 (Red Vial Nº4), in Peru. The concession...

  • Juliaca-Puno highway

    The project involves paving the Juliaca-Puno stretch. The highway will benefit 401,800 residents who travel between the two cities. The objective of the project is to improve the road traffic conditions and the articulation of the...

  • Lima new ways

    The project includes construction of 36 overpasses, improving access roads to the city and upgrading the Panamericana Norte, Sur and Ramiro Prialé highways, as well as building overpasses and pedestrian bridges....

  • Consorcio Vial Sierra

    Consorcio Vial Sierra, formed by the equal partners Ingenieros Civiles y Contratistas Generales, SA (ICCGSA) and CONCAR, is aimed at managing, improving, and preserving roadways. Headquartered in Lima, Peru, Consorcio Vial Sierra has...

  • Prado Avenue extension

    Expansion works would start from the intersection of Avenida Metropolitana and go until the Ramiro Prialé freeway. The project is expected to benefit 9,118 people, reducing commuting times between Ate and the north districts of the...