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  • Cangrejos

    The project hosts porphyry style gold-copper mineralization associated with a sequence of intercalated porphyritic dioritic intrusions and hydrothermal breccias. The property has potential for high-tonnage low-grade gold-copper...

  • Pijili

    The Pijili project consists of three concessions totaling 3,246ha and is an epithermal gold-silver target. The presence of secondary copper mineralization is visible along the walls of small open pits....

  • Santiago

    The Santiago project consists of a single concession that encompasses 2,350ha and is prospective for epithermal gold and silver and porphyry copper-gold deposits. It features three large, surficial geochemistry anomalies for gold,...

  • Porvenir

    Porvenir hosts copper mineralization in porphyry outcrops which is related to chalcopyrite content with associated chalcocite covellite-magnetite and lies on the southern part of Ecuador's eastern Jurassic Belt....

  • Oso field

    The Bear field corresponds to a conventional deposit that has 19 2D seismic lines and 198km2 of 3D seismic. The field has 101 producing wells and belongs to block 7....