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  • The Lost Cities-Cutucu

    The strata forming the project area in the Cordillera de Cutucú were once part of the greater Oriente basin. The project area is located within the Northern Andean Jurassic metallogenic belt that extends from the north in Colombia to...

  • Guayaquil-Daule bridge

    This bridge will be the fourth to be built across the Daule River. The project will help alleviate rush hour congestion on León Febres-Cordero Avenue and in adjacent neighborhoods like Samborondón y Perimetral, benefitting 70,000...

  • Cascabel

    Cascabel is a gold-copper porphyry project located within the western cordillera of the Andes. The Cascabel property covers an area of 50km2 and lies at elevations ranging between 750m and 2,100m above sea level. The property can be...

  • Fortuna

    The Fortuna property is accessible via the Pan American highway, secondary all-weather roads and a network of gravel roads, and has an available workforce nearby and a year-round operating season. There is a power transmission line...

  • Blanca-Vinita field

    The Blanca-Vinita field corresponds to a conventional deposit that has 300km and 330km of 2D seismic, in addition to 380km2 and 97km2 of 3D seismic, respectively. The field has four producing wells and belongs to blocks 58 and 59,...