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  • ICT: The week in 10 stories

    IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) figured prominently in the news, as did updates on the state of Latin America's mobile ecosystem. Millicom's CEO explained why technology is key for startups, while Colombia's automation...

  • Telconet

    Telconet is a operator and internet service provider in Ecuador. The company has two main business segments: telecommunications services for corporations and wholesale services for other telecoms operators. In the corporate segment,...

  • Ecuador Telecoms: Viva la Revolución?

    On July 9, Ecuador celebrated its National Telecommunications Day. The annual event is held in commemoration of the anniversary of the first telegraph message to be sent in the country, which was sent between capital city Quito and...

  • Boris Piedra, General manager, Etapa Telecom

    Ecuadorian operator Etapa Telecom recently signed a contract with Chinese company Huawei for the deployment of NGN infrastructure. Through this new infrastructure the company will be able to expand its offering nationwide. BNamericas ...