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  • Compañía Verdú S.A.

    Company Verdú S.A. is an Ecuadorian construction company controlled by businessmen José and Jorge Verdú Cano. It is dedicated to the execution of civil engineering works, especially road construction in Ecuador and Peru. Through...

  • Consorcio C.C.E.C.C

    Consorcio C.C.E.C.C. is a company incorporated in 2011 by the state company China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation and the Ecuadorian construction company Compañía Verdú S.A. for developing road infrastructure in Ecuador....

  • Monolitica Cia. Ltda.

    Monolitica Cia. Ltda. is an Ecuadorian construction company founded in 2010 and headquartered in Quito, in Pichincha Province. The company engages in the construction of roads, highways and other roadways for vehicle and pedestrian...

  • Consorcio Enlace 780

    Consorcio Enlace 780, a consortium created by Spanish infrastructure firm Eurofinsa (60%) and local construction company Verdú S.A. (40%), is tasked with building a bridge to connect the Colombian cities of Guayaquil and Samborondon....