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  • Quito airport, phase 2a

    The Quito international airport expansion project was carried out to help the facility meeting growing demand. The domestic flights terminal was expanded by 7,910m2 and 870 additional seats were installed as were two new passenger...

  • Ecuador remodels Galapagos airport

    Ecuador's President Rafael Correa led a ribbon-cutting ceremony of the remodeled San Cristóbal airport in Galapagos province, in which his administration invested US$7.5mn, local media reported on Monday. Works included the...

  • Quito Airport

    The new airport will be located in the capital's Tababela district, at an altitude of 2,400m, or 400m lower than Mariscal Sucre airport, which is being used until the new one is inaugurated. At 4.1km, it will have the longest ...