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  • Pay TV in Brazil

    Monthly number of accesses by operator and operator market share, from January 2012 to November 2018. Monthly combined totals also provided. ...

  • Brazil Data Snapshot: Fixed broadband, pay-TV

    Brazil ended November with over 31mn fixed broadband accesses, an increase of 8.5% year-on-year and 0.35% more than in October, according to telecom regulator Anatel. However, the figures could be even higher. According to recently ...

  • Brief: Ezentis lands Claro Brazil contract

    Spanish telecoms infrastructure group Ezentis said it has been awarded an 8.5mn-euro contract with Claro to provide customer service to the Brazilian operator's broadband and cable television subscribers in São Paulo for the next two...

  • Snapshot: Brazil pay TV

    The number of pay-TV subscribers in Brazil fell 0.16% from December to January, representing a loss of almost 30,000 accesses, according to telecom regulator Anatel. At the end of January there were nearly 18mn clients of the...

  • Data watch: Brazil pay TV

    Brazil lost 814,050 pay TV subscriptions in the last 12 months as of April, 8,830 in April alone, and saw its base decline to 17.9mn subscribers, regulator Anatel reported. São Paulo state hast the largest number of subscriptions (3...