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  • Netflix users

    Quarterly number of users of online streaming service Netflix from Q1 of 2013 through Q4 of 2016. Number of users broken down by US and rest of the world....

  • Nokia do Brasil Tecnologia Ltda.

    Nokia do Brasil Tecnologia Ltda. (Nokia Brasil), incorporated in 1991 in Sao Paulo, is a branch of the Finish technology firm Nokia Corporation which offers products, services and licenses for mobile communication, networks, and...

  • Copel Telecomunicações S.A.

    Copel Telecomunicações, a wholly owned subsidiary of Companhia Paraenense de Energia, provides telecommunications and communications services. During 2015, the firm served over 90% of rural clients and almost a 100% of urban clients,...

  • Brazil's banks turn to AI, eye blockchain

    Brazil's banks are increasingly embracing artificial intelligence and analytical solutions, while considering investments in the much talked-about blockchain technology. Investments and expenditures of the Brazilian banking sector...