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  • Juniper Networks Brazil Ltda.

    Subsidiary of the multinational Juniper Networks Inc. Dedicated to the network infrastructure and security, has a proprietary operating system for its routers (JUNOS), safety equipment, such as ids, fw and VPN links optimization...

  • Itautec S.A.

    Brazilian company Itautec is the electronics arm of Brazilian conglomerate Investimentos Itau. It is engaged in the development of information technology and automation products and solutions. Itautec serves both the corporate and...

  • Totvs S.A.

    TOTVS S.A., a major Latin American software company established in 1983, supplies business intelligence, human resources, and supply chain solutions. The company's main software products are in the area of Enterprise Resource ...

  • Hitachi Brasil Ltda.

    Subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd. offers a wide variety of systems, products and services, including heavy construction machinery, information systems, electronic devices,power and industrial systems, consumer goods, as well as management...

  • Oracle do Brasil Sistemas Ltda.

    Oracle's local subsidiary is a developer of process manufacturing software, enterprise resource planning software, internet tools, and database management software for both the public and private sectors. In Brasil, Oracle is ...

  • Getronics do Brasil Ltda.

    Getronics do Brasil is a private unlisted company specialized in data center, hosting and work space management services, among others. Getronics serves financial services, government, manufacturing, retail and transport, media,...