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  • Russas Solar Farm

    The project calls for the construction and operation of the Parque Solar de Russas complex, which aims to generate clean, renewable energy and diversify the country's energy matrix. Local power company EBE is preparing to...

  • Enel Brasil S.A.

    Brazilian power holding company Enel Brasil (formerly Endesa Brasil) engages in generation, distribution, transmission and trading of electricity in Brazil, as well as working as a service provider. Enel has a controlling interest in...

  • Morrinhos Wind Complex

    The 180MW Morrinhos wind project calls for the construction and operation of six 30MW wind farms, which Brazilian consortium Consórcio Morrinhos is planning to build in the town of Campo Formoso, in Bahia state. The complex will use...

  • Multiner S.A.

    Multiner is a Brazilian power generation company engaged in the development, assembly and operation of hydro, thermo (natural gas, oil and biomass) and wind power plants in Brazil. In addition, Multiner plans to expand its operation...