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  • CCR S.A.

    CCR S.A. is a Brazilian holding company incorporated in 1998 to manage concessions over state and federal highways owned by its shareholders through four business units: highway concession, airport concession, urban mobility and...

  • Vianorte S.A.

    Vianorte S.A. is a Brazilian company responsible for the operation of the toll road concession for four highways: SP-330 Anhanguera, SP- 322 Attílio Balbo/Armando Salles de Oliveira, SP-328 Alexandre Balbo/contorno Norte de Ribeirão...

  • Autopista Fluminense S.A.

    Autopista Fluminense S.A., owned by Brazilian concessionaire Arteris S.A., is a special purpose company that operates the 320km road concession from the border between the Brazilian states of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo and the...