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  • TIM profits, revenues drop; CEO resigns

    Brazilian telecoms operator TIM faced two different losses on the same day. On Wednesday the company announced a change to its top management, while reporting drops in both net profit and net revenue for 1Q16. The carrier, which is ...

  • Telefónica Brasil earnings take FX hit

    Telefônica/Vivo, the Brazilian subsidiary of Spanish giant Telefónica, posted net income of 887m reais (US$233mn) in Q3, down 16.1% year-on-year. The firm's bottom line was impacted principally by forex effects, followed by...

  • TIM's Q2 results bolstered by tower sale

    Brazilian telecom operator TIM's Q2 reported profits soared 154% year-on-year, to 926mn reais (US$266mn), leveraged by the sale of towers to American Tower Corporation (ATC). During the second quarter, TIM concluded the transfer of ...

  • Pay-TV industry expects 'zero' growth in Brazil

    The Brazilian pay-TV industry expects growth to be flat this year, both in terms of revenues and subscribers. According to Oscar Simões, head of the country's pay-TV association, ABTA, Brazil's economic downturn and the "significant...