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  • Damolândia

    Damolândia is a nickel sulphide project located in the Anápolis-Itauçu Complex, characterized by a high grade metamorphic sequence made up of orthogranulites and paragranulites, principally gneisses....

  • Santa Helena

    Santa Helena is a copper and gold mining project characterized by gold mineralization on surface. The initiative comprises a package of properties covering four main target areas: Gabriela, Flecha Dorada, Dorival and Tucura....

  • Salobo West 2 project

    The Salobo West 2 tenement (SW2) hosts multiple distinct magnetic targets associated with the ridge as well as some that are offset to the south. The project covers what is regionally described as a sliver of the Itacaiúnas Supergroup,...

  • Salobo West 1 project

    The copper-gold Salobo West 1 tenement hosts three high-quality prospect areas identified in a prospective geological and structural setting: The SW1-B prospect, which has multiple targets within a distinct 6.5km copper-gold-iron...

  • Romaria diamond mine

    The diamond Romaria mine is located in the northeast border of the Paraná Sedimentary basin. This heterogeneous diamond-bearing conglomerate contains large conglomerate blocks of several lithologies with dimensions up to 0.80m, set in ...