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  • ICT: The week in 10 stories

    PANAMA Millicom said that it is acquiring a controlling stake of 80% in Cable Onda, the largest cable and fixed telecommunications services provider in Panama, Latin America's fastest-growing economy. ARGENTINA –Arge...

  • ICT: The week in 10 stories

    ARGENTINA Telecom Argentina has doubled down on its previously announced US$5bn investment plan, but the investments will probably be made more slowly and could be extended into a four-year timeframe rather than three as initially...

  • ICT: The week in 10 stories

    MEXICO –The first commercial offerings of telecoms services using the Red Compartida wholesale network in Mexico should be hitting the market as early as next month. –The trade agreement between the US and...

  • Mexicans feel safer on fixed-line internet

    Mexicans feel safer connecting to the internet via fixed-line services than via mobile, and over half won't connect their mobile phones to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, a poll by telecoms watchdog IFT shows. The poll, conducted between...

  • Mexico's mobile broadband grows 80% a year

    Mexico's mobile broadband market has grown at an average rate of 80% a year since 2010 to reach 82.2mn users by the end of 2017, watchdog IFT said in a statement. The growth has happened in an increasingly competitive environment,...