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  • Mexico expects to free 600MHz band by Q1

    Mexico expects to finish freeing its 600MHz spectrum currently in use for TV by the first quarter of 2019, opening the door to repurpose the band for 5G high-speed wireless broadband, the telecoms regulator IFT said in a statement. ...

  • Mexico moves to free up 600MHz band for 5G

    Mexico's telecom regulator IFT approved the migration of 48 TV channels operating on the 600MHz radio frequency to digital TV in order to free up the band for high-speed 5G mobile services. The decision follows the reassignment of...

  • Mexico's ICT companies want to shut down 2G

    Mexico should shut down its 2G network and migrate users to more advanced 3G and 4G connectivity, says ICT industry chamber, Canieti, which will forward the proposal to presidential candidates next month, the chamber's president said...