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  • Ituango hydro

    The Ituango hydro project calls for the construction and operation of a hydroelectric power plant on the Cauca river. The mega project requires a dam that will create a 2.7Bm3 water reservoir. Transmission infrastructure includes a...

  • Buritica

    The Buriticá project is located in mountainous terrain with a peak elevation of approximately 2,000m above sea level. Mineralization at Buriticá is a porphyry-related, carbonate base metal gold vein/breccia system. High-grade precious ...

  • Soto Norte project

    The Soto Norte project is an underground greenfield mine and gold processing plant that contemplates the use of state-of-the-art technology to minimize the impact on the environment. The proposed site for the project is located near...

  • Gachala Copperbelt

    The Gachala property covers 39-line-km of the 250km by 120km belt of Devonian Cretaceous rocks in a geological setting conductive to sedimentary deposits believed to be analogous to the Zambia copper belt of Africa. The mineralization ...