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  • Pacífico 2 highway

    The project is split into two units. Unit 1 is for the rehabilitation, operation and maintenance of the La Pintada-La Primavera highway; and unit 2 includes work on the Bolombolo-La Pintada highway, which includes one tunnel and 92...

  • Autopista al Mar 2

    The project, involving part of a highway in Colombia's Antioquia department, encompasses studies, design, finance, environmental management, construction and operation. Autopista al Mar 2 is included in the Autopistas para la ...

  • Neiva-Girardot highway

    The project involves improving infrastructure for passenger and commercial vehicles in order to improve connectivity in the south-central area of the country, completing the corridor between Bogotá and Ecuador. The project falls under ...

  • Pacífico highway 1

    The Pacífico I highway project entails work on the Ancón Sur - Bolombolo highway and includes construction of two tunnels and 42 bridges. The concession is part of the Autopistas para la Prosperidad highway network in Antioquia...

  • Concay, S.A.

    Concay S.A. is an engineering and construction company, controlled by the businessman Luis Fernando Carrillo Caycedo. It was incorporated in 1980 for construction, operation and maintenance of road infrastructure in Colombia. Based in ...

  • Meta highway network

    The Meta department corridor involves the expansion, operation and maintenance of the highway and construction of a bypass around department capital Villavicencio, as part of Colombia's 4G highway development program. The...