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  • Autopista al Mar 2

    The project, involving part of a highway in Colombia's Antioquia department, encompasses studies, design, finance, environmental management, construction and operation. Autopista al Mar 2 is included in the Autopistas para la ...

  • Pacífico 2 highway

    The project is split into two units. Unit 1 is for the rehabilitation, operation and maintenance of the La Pintada-La Primavera highway; and unit 2 includes work on the Bolombolo-La Pintada highway, which includes one tunnel and 92...

  • Consorcio Red Vial 2012

    Consorcio Red Vial 2012 is a firm created by the companies José Manuel Guardo Polo, Ingeniería de Proyectos S.A.S. and Ineica Limitada in the year 2012 for the maintenance and rehabilitation of highways in Colombia. Based in Bogotá,...