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  • Antioquia port

    Puerto Antioquia will be the nearest Atlantic port to the main production centers of the country. The initiative involves building a multipurpose port with the capacity to move containers, general cargo and vehicles. The project...

  • Río Córdoba coal port

    The project entails the construction of a 1.5km encapsulated conveyor belt reaching out to a new 300m dock in order to increase the loading capacity to between 6,000t-8,000t/h from the current 3,000t/h. It also includes the dredging...

  • Naviera Central S.A.

    Logistics and waterways transportation firm Naviera Central S.A. is located in Barranquilla, Colombia and provides river and multimodal transport along the Magdalena and Cauca rivers, both in Colombia. It is a subsidiary of US company ...

  • Grupo Prodeco

    Grupo Prodeco is a wholly owned Colombian subsidiary of Glencore plc engaged in the exploration, production, transportation and shipping of thermal and coking coal, and related infrastructure, which is exported to Europe, America and...