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  • Cardón IV Block

    The offshore Cardón IV block includes the Perla field, the largest offshore gas field in Latin America and the first gas field to be brought to production offshore Venezuela. Cardon IV covers 924km2 and holds 17Tcf of gas in place,...

  • Cabruta refinery

    The project will be located in the Orinoco Oil Belt and will take advantage of the resources available in the area. It will be developed in three stages and it will process heavy and extra-heavy oils....

  • Carabobo 2

    Carabobo 2 is an onshore block in the eastern sector of the Orinoco extra-heavy oil belt, and also the final one to be awarded, will be developed by PDVSA (60%) and Russia's state oil company Rosneft (40%), who are in charge...

  • Quiriquire Field

    The Quiriquire field was awarded in 1993 in the Ronda de Convenios Operativos tender. En February of 2011, Repsol YPF signed an agreement with state oil company PDVSA to produce gas in the field, which at that stage produced 13,000b/d....