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  • Uruguay tops 4G adoption in LatAm

    The average adoption rate of 4G in Latin America is 17%, with Uruguay leading the way, according to a study from IDB Invest. The adoption rate of 4G in Uruguay is 50%, while Argentina's and Chile's are over 40% and Brazil's is...

  • Copel Telecomunicações S.A.

    Copel Telecomunicações, a wholly owned subsidiary of Companhia Paraenense de Energia, provides telecommunications and communications services. During 2015, the firm served over 90% of rural clients and almost a 100% of urban clients,...

  • TIM, Oi allowed to expand network sharing

    Brazilian telecom watchdog Anatel approved a new sharing model of wireless frequencies of operators Oi and TIM in the 2.5GHz and the 1.8GHz bands (4G), provided that, among other requirements, compliance with spectrum usage limits is...

  • Chile 4G accesses reach 12mn

    Chile reached 12mn 4G accesses in March 2018, up 62% over the last 12 months and now representing 71% of total mobile internet accesses. According to telecoms regulator Subtel, there are now 50.3mn total telecoms accesses in the...