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  • Electric Power monthly report

    Even though Argentina made lots of headlines in September because of its shaky economy, there was an announcement that shows the renewable energy wave will keep on moving forward. Mauricio Macri's government acknowledged investors...

  • Ckani wind farm

    The project calls for the construction of a wind farm that will inject electricity into Chile's interconnected SING power grid via the 220kV El Abra transformer station. The project will require a total of 350 workers during...

  • Invener S.A.

    Invener is a Chilean company engaged in the development, construction, financing, management and operation of electric power generation and infrastructure projects. It is currently focused on tapping Chile's potential as a...

  • Tolpán wind farm

    The complex will spread over 1,805ha and boast 102 wind turbines (2-3MW each) and a 23/220kV step-up substation. The energy generated will be injected into the country's central SIC grid through the future Tolpán-Pacífico and ...