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  • Brazil's Macro Watch: Proxy GDP, base rate

    Brazil's economy expanded slightly in July, after a tepid performance in the first half of this year. The central bank's economic activity index, a GDP proxy known as the IBC-Br, expanded 0.57% in July, compared with June. In the...

  • Debt in frontier markets on the rise

    Total debt in so-called frontier markets (FM) has increased by around US$230bn since 1Q17, surpassing US$2.8tn in this year's first quarter, according to the Institute of International Finance. "The rise has been sharpest in the...

  • Inflation climbs to 34% in Argentina

    Monthly inflation in Argentina was 3.9% in August, bringing annual inflation to 34.4%. The biggest monthly increase, 12.4%, was in inflation-basket item communications, statistics agency Indec said. Monthly inflation was 3.1% in ...