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  • Ideasoft Uruguay S.R.L

    IdeaSoft is a Uruguayan firm that develops business intelligence and commercial performance applications. It also provides consultancy and development services, including IT consultancy, training and transference in J2EE platform,...

  • Antel to provide free wi-fi in Montevideo

    Uruguay's state-owned telco Antel has signed an agreement with the local government of capital Montevideo for the provision of public connectivity services in the city. The local government will leverage Antel's network to provide...

  • Antel rejects calls to regulate WhatsApp

    Uruguayan state telecom operator Antel has rejected a call from private telecoms operators to regulate over the top players (OTT) such as WhatsApp. On December 10, José Derrégibus, CEO of Movistar Uruguay and president of private...