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  • Rocha deepwater port

    The project would turn the existing port into a deepwater facility equipped with a re-gasification plant and gas pipeline and able to handle large vessels operating in the region. The port would be capable of receiving large container ...

  • Casupá reservoir

    The project calls for the construction of a reservoir in the Casupá creek with the intention of securing potable water supply for capital Montevideo and the surrounding metropolitan area. The reservoir will supply the Aguas Corrientes ...

  • Block 14

    Operated by Total, the offshore block 14 covers an area of 6,690km2 in the Pelotas basin, with an in water depthranging from 2300 to 3000 metres. The block was granted to Total in the Uruguay round II tender, called by state oil...

  • Block 4

    Operated by Shell, the block 4 covers an area of 3,000km3 and is located deepwater at Uruguay's Punta del Este basin. During Uruguay's first offshore round in 2009, the block was granted to a consortium formed by...