Renewable energy examples

Solar and wind energy are the two best-known examples of renewable energy resources.

Wind and solar farms are cropping up across Latin America as countries, particularly those with few conventional or hydropower resources, work to increase energy security and diversify their energy mixes.

There are many types of renewable energy and although they account for only a small proportion of power generation in the region they are gaining ground.

They include biomass, geothermal, mini-hydro and tidal.

Biomass is probably the least well-known example of a renewable energy resource, although it has been used by humans since we learned the secret of fire.

Biomass is fuel that is developed from organic materials, such as waste matter from a timber mill or pig farm.

Chile has been looking into the energy potential of biomass produced by the forestry sector.

In Brazil, Sugarcane-fired power generation will be the most important future development in the country's bioenergy sector, a survey conducted by London-based NGO Green Thinking found

Some 33% of respondents said biomass electricity generation – which in Brazil mostly relies on sugarcane bagasse as its primary fuel input – would be the biggest "game changer" in the bioenergy field.

Brazil also uses sugarcane to produce ethanol which is mixed with petroleum to produce a transport fuel.

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