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  • Global R.R. Ltda.

    Global R.R. Ltda. is a Bolivian designing, engineering and construction company controlled by businessman Luis Alberto Sánchez Hollweg. It was founded in 2001 as RR Ltda. for construction, reconstruction, maintenance and modernization ...

  • Incahuasi tunnel

    The project calls for the construction of the Incahuasi tunnel, located on the border between Bolivia's Chuquisaca and Santa Cruz departments. Work entails construction of the tunnel, part of the Muyupampa-Ipati highway. The...

  • Uyuni-Tupiza highway

    The highway forms part of a larger project to improve connectivity with Argentina. The paved route is expected to reduce travel time between Tupiza and Uyuni by 50% and facilitate exports to Argentina as well as tourism between the...

  • Petrosur S.R.L.

    Petrosur S.R.L. is a Bolivian service provider for the oil and civil construction industries. The company provides engineering, construction, and maintenance services for oil infrastructure, mechanical and civil projects, as well as...