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  • Paraguay's president resigns

    Outgoing Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes has resigned. In a letter to congress, Cartes (pictured) said he was stepping down before his term ends in August so that he could take a seat in the senate - a move that was not...

  • Copaco Paraguay president resigns

    Rogelio Benítez, the president of Paraguayan state telco Copaco, has resigned from his post after two years in the job, citing personal reasons, according to the presidential website. In the last few months, Benítez had been under...

  • Paraguay swears in new finance minister

    Santiago Peña was sworn into office as Paraguay's new finance minister on Monday. Peña said he would continue the work of his predecessor, Germán Rojas, who resigned Friday, according to a government release. In replacing Rojas, ...