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  • ICT tender: Guatemala seeks tech platform

    Guatemala's economy ministry is inviting eligible companies to provide consulting services for the implementation of a technology platform as part of an SME support program. The winning company must integrate existing software...

  • IT exports climb 10% to US$74mn in 2011

    Guatemala's exports of software and services reached US$74mn in 2011, up nearly US$10mn or 15% from the year before, local paper Estrategia & Negocios reported. Solutions such as data processing, software development, biometric ...

  • Tech roundup

    Mexican IT training firm InterSoftware has donated funding and IT equipment to benefit some 2,015 students and 78 teachers in Mexico City and the city of Morelos, the company said in a statement. Six elementary schools will benefit ...

  • Tech roundup

    Japanese tech firm Toshiba plans to cooperate with Guatemala's education ministry to provide professors and teachers with computers at discounted prices, CNN online news reported. The Guatemalan government has designed a program...