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  • Panama assembly taking aim at Uber

    The Panamanian assembly's communications and transport committee wants Uber to answer questions about its pilot program to accept cash payment for fares. In response to complaints from Panamanian taxi drivers, who accuse the...

  • Authorities reach agreement with ZTE

    Panamanian authority for government innovation AIG has reached an MOU agreement with Chinese telecoms equipment manufacturer ZTE, the government said in a statement. The agreement looks to exchange knowledge in IT to boost...

  • Biometric visa, border control system approved

    Panama's cabinet has greenlighted the public safety ministry to pay almost US$7mn to local firm OTI Panamá for the provision, design, set-up and integration of a biometric visa system, and software and hardware of an electronic border ...

  • Market making foray into IT exports

    Panama is planning to compete in the software IT business and become a world-class export cluster, not just for software but also for other technologies like hardware and services, local press reported. To that end, Panamanian...