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  • MCM Global, S.A.

    Panamanian construction company MCM Global, S.A. is a subsidiary of US-based Munilla Construction Management (MCM). Founded in 2010, it was responsible for overhauling work of superstructure and substructure of the Las Americas bridge,...

  • Bagatrac S.A.

    Bagatrac S.A. is a Panamanian civil engineering service company and engages in earth moving and the construction of bridges, roads, and drainage systems, as well as specialized machinery rental service, such as cranes and drills; and...

  • Highway Divisa-Chitré

    The 42km Divisa-Chitré highway project will include the construction of a beltway in the Santa María district and the expansion of a beltway leading to Chitré, as well as the construction of 13 overpasses. The initiative will benefit...