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  • Government backs farming technology adoption

    Barbados' ministry of agriculture, food, fisheries, industry and small business development is encouraging local farmers to employ technology to increase profitability and productivity, local paper The Barbados Advocate reported. ...

  • Tech news roundup

    By the end of 2006 there will be almost 20,000 tonnes of e-scrap in Argentina, since the country has no policies on how to deal with old hardware, local newspaper El Cronista reported citing a study by Universidad Tecnológica Nacional ...

  • Consultancy to present draft ICT plan Aug 19

    The first draft of a national Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) strategic plan for Barbados will be made public during a consultation on August 19, Caribbean News reported. Consultancy ACB Knowledge will present the...

  • Tech news roundup

    The Mexican market lacks solutions that will enable SMEs to pay income taxes online as the government continues to discuss a bill requiring them to do so from January 1, 2006, according to Martha Barroso, an executive from the local...

  • BWA seeks IT tools to enhance ops.

    Barbados' state water authority (BWA) is mulling options to introduce IT systems to improve operational efficiencies, BWA general manager Denis Yearwood told BNamericas. "Scada [supervisory control and data acquisition], GIS [geogra...