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  • ICT: The week in 10 stories

    NEXTEL GETS NEW INVESTORS NII Holdings agreed to sell a 30% stake in its last remaining asset, Nextel Brasil, to Norways's AINMT for US$50mn with an option to add another US$150mn, upping its stake to a controlling 60%. AINMT,...

  • A market awakening

    ICT development in Cuba? It seems a paradox when considering the fact that only a small percentage of Cubans have access to a computer or an internet connection. Or even the fact that they still have to get around the island in cars...

  • The week in 10 stories

    Submarine cable projects, internet of things (IoT) and AI made the headlines in the region this week. Submarine fiber optic systems developer Seaborn Networks announced that it completed the final splice of Seabras-1, a subsea...