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  • Seidor S.A.

    Spain's Seidor S.A. is a multinational IT company that provides software consulting and IT services. The company has attended approximately 5,000 clients, providing consulting, infrastructure services, development and...

  • Imesapi S.A.

    Founded in 1966, Spanish firm Imesapi S.A. is the result of the merger of Imes S.A. and Aplicación de Pinturas, Api S.A., both belonging to Spanish construction firm Grupo ACS. Imesapi operates within several sectors and its...

  • Aguas y Estructuras S.A.

    Aguas y Estructuras S.A. (Ayesa) is a Spanish business solution company headquartered in Sevilla and established in 1966 by the engineer José Luis Manzanares Japón, which offers services of design and construction, consulting,...

  • Grupo Arteche

    Founded in 1946, Spanish firm Grupo Arteche provides the electric power sector with products and solutions in over 150 countries. It has companies in Europe, the Americas (Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brazil), Asia and Oceania, as...

  • Meta4 Spain, S.A.

    Meta4 is a Spanish supplier of software tools for human and intellectual capital management, and payroll. It has customers from both the public and private sectors, including construction, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications and ...