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  • Cementos Molins, S.A.

    Spanish company Cementos Molins produces and distributes cement, aggregates, concrete prefabricated products, special mortars, and tile cement. During the 80's, the firm started an international expansion process and it...

  • GSJ Solutions S.A.

    GSJ Solutions is a unit of Spanish Grupo San José and provides consultancy and project management services through five business lines: civil engineering and infrastructure; architecture; real estate management; technology research,...

  • Grupo Gransolar S.L.

    Gransolar (GRS) is a Spanish construction company that focuses on non-conventional renewable energy projects, specifically on solar photovoltaic farms; and provides solutions to identify, validate, and finance investment opportunities ...

  • Seidor S.A.

    Spain's Seidor S.A. is a multinational IT company that provides software consulting and IT services. The company has attended approximately 5,000 clients, providing consulting, infrastructure services, development and...

  • Tiba Spain S.A.U.

    TIBA, part of the Romeu Group, is a Spanish company which offers logistics, international transport and customs brokerage services, and supplies specialized solutions for companies in the automotive, food and beverage, hotel logistics,...