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  • Guatemala lead exports surge

    Guatemala's lead exports increased to US$40.7mn in June from US$16.2mn in the same month last year, and from US$22.8mn in May. Zinc shipments were up at US$3.70mn from US$2.08mn over the year, according to central bank data. ...

  • Guatemala's steel exports fall

    Guatemala's iron and steel exports fell to US$13.4mn in April from US$21.4mn in the same month last year. The country also saw exports of precious and semi-precious metals and stones fall to US$19.3mn from US$27.0mn, while lead...

  • Guatemala metals exports slip

    Guatemala's lead and precious metals exports fell in February. The country's lead exports were US$24.3mn, down from US$31.9mn in the same month last year, according to central bank data. Precious and semi-precious metals and...

  • Costa Rica metals exports rise

    Costa Rica's industrial metals exports increased in November. Shipments totaled US$26.3m, up from US$22.8mn in the same month last year, according to data from export promotion agency Procomer. Iron and steel exports were US$6.24...