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  • ICT: The week in 10 stories

    PANAMA Millicom said that it is acquiring a controlling stake of 80% in Cable Onda, the largest cable and fixed telecommunications services provider in Panama, Latin America's fastest-growing economy. ARGENTINA –Arge...

  • Panama gives initial nod to telecoms reform

    The communications and transport committee of Panama's legislative assembly has approved in a first debate proposed legislation to facilitate consolidation in the telecom industry. The government-backed bill would replace a 1996...

  • Costa Rica ICE's 4.5G network goes online

    Costa Rican state-run telco ICE announced that its 4.5G network is online. The telco will unveil the related commercial offers later this month. Daily El Financiero quoted Jaime Palermo, ICE's communications manager, as saying...

  • ICT: The week in 10 stories

    CHILE Eliminating all paper from government processes, investing in infrastructure, updating regulation and implementing digital education and social services make up the five-point digital economy plan of Chile's front-running...

  • Telecarrier Inc.

    Telecarrier offers voice and data integrated solutions to businesses in Panama. To support its services, Telecarrier has built an extensive and flexible optical network in the country, and has constructed a secure international data...