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  • Disvol Energía S.L.

    Spanish-owned Disvol Energía S.L. (Disvol) operates in Buenos Aires and is engaged in electric power asset control and management. It has controlling stakes at the two main power distributors in Buenos Aires province: Edelap y Edea,...

  • SCL Energia Activa S.A.

    SCL Energía Activa S.A. is a Chilean investment fund manager for the energy sector. The firm's investment strategy is focused on greenfield and brownfield projects in the Pacific Coast region of South America such as Colombia,...

  • SCL Energía S.A.

    SCL Energía S.A. is a Chilean company involved in the administration of investment funds in the power sector, partnering with private equity firm Activa SpA, a business unit of Chilean financial institution LarrainVial. Together, the...