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  • Charcani VII hydro plant

    The project aims to increase the Peruvian electricity production to supply the increasing domestic and industrial demand, using the hydroelectric potential of the Chili river, in the Arequipa department. The initiative involves the...

  • Potiguar wind farm

    The Potiguar project, part of the Cutia wind complex involves the construction and operation of a wind park in the municipality of São Bento do Norte in Rio Grande do Norte state, Brazil. The project has been included in the energy...

  • Ituango hydro

    The Ituango hydro project calls for the construction and operation of a hydroelectric power plant on the Cauca river. The mega project requires a dam that will create a 2.7Bm3 water reservoir. In addition, the plant will have...

  • El Mataco wind farm

    The project is born from the Tornquist area's energetic need. In addition, the park will generate more than 200 jobs in the construction phase. Then, in the stages of lower intensity, it is expected to employ 40-50 permanent...

  • Cerro Iguana I wind farm

    The project consists of the preparation, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of a wind farm, distributed over an area of 2,013ha, in the ejido of Santo Domingo Ingenio, municipality of Santo Domingo Ingenio, state of ...